Two Zips and an XO-1

Here are a few shots from one of the local bike shops. The shop features a dozen or so bikes displayed high up on the walls (consisting mostly of Bianchi’s now-defunct line of single-speed mountain bikes; e.g. B.O.S.S, B.A.S.S., C.U.S.S., B.U.S.S., D.I.S.S., G.U.S.S., P.U.S.S., and W.U.S.S) and a “junkyard” in the basement with spare parts and old beaters for sale. Besides the single speeds, though, you’ll find not one but two examples of the Bridgestone MB-Zip (A.K.A. the MB-0) and an XO-1 to boot (if you look closely you’ll see the second Zip behind the XO-1; sorry for the poor picture quality).

One MB-Zip, also known as the MB-0.

An MB-Zip, also known as the MB-0.

If you look closely you can see an MB-Zip behind this XO-1.

If you look closely you can see another MB-Zip behind this XO-1.

Down in the basement you can find an old 1993 MB-1 not-for-sale. There used to be a $1000 price tag on it but the word on the street is they now want to restore it further before selling it.